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My parents immigrated from Mexico to the United States with only a 2nd grade education. In my family, I am the only one of my five siblings who completed college. I was able to get there because I was supported by two great teachers in high school who taught me to be an advocate for myself in the classroom and in the real world. I was lucky to have these two amazing teachers. Living this experience instilled in me the conviction that our students’ education should not be left to luck.

As  a native of San Jose, and product of East Side Union, I have a deep understanding of the challenges that students and families across our community face in today’s environment. As a teacher, principal, advocate, and mother, I have fought to ensure that  every child in our city is guaranteed access to a great education. I have made it my life’s mission that kids in San Jose are sent off into the world fully prepared to succeed in college and beyond. This is why I have decided to launch a new campaign for a seat on the East Side Union High School District Board.

I’m running to raise expectations, tear down walls, and open a new world of opportunity for students in East Side Union. If we do this, ALL of our kids will be able to pursue their dreams, have pride in where they come from, and blaze new trails of  innovation across the 21st Century. 


I’m running for every child that I’ve had the privilege to teach, and for every parent that has struggled and sacrificed in search of the American Dream.  I’ve devoted my career to education and making sure future generations have greater opportunities than ours have had. This begins with an assurance that our kids will be safe each day they enter our classrooms. I promise to fight  from day one, to eliminate the burden of hate, bullying, stigma, and other oppressive barriers in our classrooms.

In the last election we came very close to making this dream a reality; I’m humbled when I think of the tremendous outpouring of support from supporters and volunteers from every corner of the district. But now the work begins again. 


I once again  humbly ask for your support and vote this November. Together, we can fight to ensure that every child in East Union attains the quality education they deserve.


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Lorena Chavez is an educator, mother, and proud native of San Jose's East Side High School District.

After graduating from UC Davis, Lorena returned to home to serve her community as a teacher and advocate on the front lines in the battle against low expectations. She believes that students should be encouraged to hold themselves to the highest standards, regardless of where they start in life. This is the only way to ensure young scholars will have the knowledge and confidence to succeed in college and in life.

As a mother raising two children in the San Jose community, Lorena is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that all students in the East Side have access to a world- class education.

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